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Comprehensive service for investors in designing of warehouses and logistics centers, industrial facilities and trade and public centers.
  • architecture and land development plans
  • multidisciplinary building design and Detailed Engineering (Detailed Design)
  • commercialization
  • maps for design purposes
  • geotechnical research
  • reports on environmental investments and "environmental" decisions
We are taking care about all the formal and legal matters to get decision of building permit. We also offer investment consulting to help your company choose the right land for the investment.
Design of construction of an industrial facilities, residential buildings and public buildings.
We create building design and detailed engineering (detailed design)
  • large span halls
  • steel industrial equipment for: power stations, mines, segregation station, etc.
  • steel support structures
  • flue gas desulphurisation plant
  • sewage treatment plant
  • tanks, silos and bunkers
  • foundations for machines
  • pile foundations, sealed walls,
  • glued timber construction
  • reinforced concrete prefabricated elements
  • reinforced concrete elements
  • multi-storey underground and overground garages
  • construction design for standard buildings - reinforced concrete or steel